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Storage from $ 30.00 per pallet

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Delivery to any Amazon warehouse at reasonable prices within 1-2 business days.


We provide quality and reliability to our customers at competitive prices.


Our support team will answer all your questions 24/7/360!

I want quality and speed


We started our business at Amazon on the Private Label model in 2016. And already in 2017, they started working according to the Wholesale model. For three years of working on these models, we can safely declare based on our experience that the quality and speed of providing services at competitive prices are the most important things for someone who wants his business to grow quickly and exist for a long time. For the needs of our business, our first warehouse in New York with the size of 1.5 thousand square feet was opened in 2017. Already at that moment, we began to provide services to our first clients, developing together with them. Due to the growth of our business and the increase in volume from our clients, in 2018 we moved to a new warehouse in Pennsylvania with the size of 3 thousand square feet. At this warehouse, at the end of 2009, we already processed more than 50 thousand SKU per month. In 2019, we also entered such marketplaces as Walmart and eBay, after debugging all the processes to automatism, we began to provide services to our customers for FBM sending goods directly to their customers. In December 2020, we opened a new warehouse with a size of 12 thousand square feet and are now ready to provide our customers with a full range of warehouse and logistics services for the multiple growths of their business. In February 2021, we will start working with an application developed for our tasks with you, which automates all routine processes when working with us and with the trading platforms that you use. The automated system of work in our warehouse allows us to provide a competitive price for both beginners and experienced sellers of online trading. We are always ready to help our regular partners with advice or finance so that our businesses develop in step with the modern challenges of the global online trade! Money is only a resource, in business, all relationships are decided! Therefore, we are for a long and fruitful cooperation, rather than a momentary benefit! All Prices and Services

Why is it worth outsourcing warehouse services to us?

FASTFBA3PL – experience and professionalism in supporting the promotion of your products to the largest market in the world. For over 6 years we have been engaged in a range of services that help an entrepreneur feel confident and safe in the US market. The location of our warehouse will make it possible to benefit both large sellers due to the cost of logistics and novice sellers because sending to our warehouse gives savings due to the absence of sales tax on many categories of goods if you buy in-retailer networks!

Orders completed

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Benefits of cooperation:

We accept, inspect, label your goods and keep them safe and sound.

Convenient software for work

Work with clients is carried out in an automated system.


Location of the warehouse in the safest area. Cameras around the perimeter and inside the warehouse.

Free consultation

Our experience will help your business grow multiple times online across all marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Kickstarter, Wallmart).

Service speed

We have improved our warehouse and made it automatic. Thanks to this, we process your orders in any quantity within 24 hours.

Comprehensive service

We provide a full range of warehouse and logistics services due to the convenient location of our warehouse and its size.


We provide convenient and timely information in a form convenient for you at all stages of work with your product .


Your business is in good hands!

Olena Zimina


Controls and is responsible for the work of the warehouse with your goods and their dispatch

Serhii Zimin


Chief in our team. Engaged in the development of existing and forging new partnerships.

Alex Ivanov


Will answer all your questions and advise on all stages of cooperation


Mariana Koziar

Warehouse Lead

We are preparing everything

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Correct office location

The location of the head office plays a very important role for both the buyer and our warehouse. The closer the Amazon warehouses are, the faster and cheaper your goods will reach them.

FASTFBA3PL is headquartered in the state of Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. You can see the nearest Amazon warehouses on the map.

The main Amazon warehouse for us is ABE8, which is located in Florence Township, NJ. It is about 15 minutes away from us. Shipments arrive there in 1 business day using UPS partner shipping.