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What is fulfillment?

What is fulfillment?

With the expansion of the assortment of the online store and the increase in the number of orders, a problem certainly arises – a warehouse and additional employees are needed to store goods and picking.
There can be two ways out in this situation – to rent a room or to outsource the warehouse.
Such a service in e-commerce is called fulfillment.


In translation from English, the word fulfillment means “fulfillment”. In the field of business, this term means the implementation of a certain set of operations related to the processing of orders – from the moment the application is made to the receipt of the goods by the buyer.

These procedures are often entrusted to third-party companies in the form of outsourcing services since novice sellers and small businesses do not need to spend resources on organizing their warehouses.

In the form of separate stages/services, these are:

  • receiving goods from the supplier
  • storage of goods
  • assembly (picking) of orders
  • packing orders
  • delivery or dispatch and control of delivery services
  • processing returns
  • formation of bulk orders

Each client can choose the range of services that suits his situation. This is often used by both experienced salespeople and large companies when trying to enter a new market in another country.

the main advantages of fulfillment are:

  • reduction of warehouse costs
  • minimal participation in logistics processes
  • reducing the cost of developing software and personnel
  • minimal costs of researching new markets
  • diversification of risks for loss and damage of goods using several companies

Thе are, of course, a couple of downsides.

  • these are possible problems with document flow
  • problems with the correct packaging of goods
  • possible problems with control of returns

All these disadvantages can be avoided if you choose reliable companies as partners that have been on the market for such services for a long time and have already accumulated experience in the implementation of such tasks. one of these companies is FASTFBA3PL

Often at the first stages, sellers try to save money, focusing only on the cost of the service, not taking into account the location of the company’s warehouse, its throughput, experience in the implementation of such services.

We recommend choosing a middle ground if you are just starting out. Try to get an experienced company with good service for a reasonable price as partners. Often experienced and reliable fulfillment service providers offer discounts if you buy a range of their services for half a year or for a year. Savings can be up to 20% depending on the number of your orders.

FASTFBA3PL provides its customers with the opportunity to save money at the start. You can buy service packages with a 10% discount if the service package is purchased for 6 months. and 15% if for 1 year.


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